Oleg's Trading Post

Oleg’s Trading Post is located at the southern edge of Rostland (and thus Brevoy). To the south, the green line of the Narlmarches looms only a few miles away. Owned and operated by a stern man named Oleg Leveton and his wife Svetlana, the trading post’s remote location and inconvenient distance from a major river has prevented it from realizing significant financial success.



The party knows that Oleg accepted a charter from Restov to rebuild an abandoned border fort into a trading post.

Oleg and Svetlana have spent the past few months rebuilding the old fort. Their customers are few and far between, consisting mostly of trappers, hunters, and an eccentric local hermit named Bokken, but the trade in furs, jerky, and the occasional magic potion from Bokken are enough to keep them in business. At least, until word of the trading post caught the attention of the bandits who infest the Greenbelt to the south.

Bandits first paid a visit to the trading post 3 months ago. Oleg has been forced to turn over each month’s stock to the bandits, and on their previous visit, they stole his wife Svetlana’s wedding ring.

Oleg has stubbornly refused to give in, and has sent several requests to the city for reinforcements whenever a trapper or hunter stops by on their way back to civilization—he’s recently received word back with a promise that a group of guards will soon be sent (Kesten Garess arrived recently with a small complement of soldiers).

The arrival of the party is the first chance Oleg has had to stand up to the bandits, and the party can see a definite spring in his step, business seems to be picking up.

Locations at Oleg’s

Oleg’s trading post is surrounded by a wooden palisade that stands 10 feet high. At each corner of the palisade are 20-footsquare watchtowers, each armed with a run-down catapult left over from the site’s original use as a border fort. There’s one entrance through the palisade—a 30-foot-wide wooden gate.

Market Yard

This open area is where trade takes place. The two tables near the fire pit are used to display wares and serve food to visitors, while bulky trade goods are offloaded into the storage pen.


Oleg rents out the beds in this guesthouse to anyone who wishes to stay the night at a rate of 5 sp a bed per night. A rustic breakfast and filling dinner is included in that price. The party stays free.


Oleg keeps his jittery horse Claptrap here. He rents out the other stalls to visitors’ steeds.

Storage Pen

This fenced area has a wooden roof to keep off most of the rain and snow.


Three 3-foot-deep composting pits and middens.

Main Hall

This squat but solid wooden building is Oleg and Svetlana’s home and the storeroom for the trading post. The double doors leading out into the market yard can be barred but not locked.

Dining Room

This is a comfortable room with a few chairs and a table—the Levetons use this room primarily as a dining room.

Other Areas

There are several other areas the party has not been in yet, which are most likely a kitchen, the Leveton’s private quarters and offices, and a more fortified storeroom.

Oleg's Trading Post

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